Release that which blocks you from feeling free and confident in being you.

Increase your ability to handle your triggers.

Feel empowered to create the life you really want.

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It’s possible to release the accumulated emotions, negative self-talk, self-sabotaging habits… all that which blocks you from living the life you really want.

I’m Allyson and together, we’ll create space for exploring, compassionately being with and essentially releasing the heaviness that gets accumulated in everyday life. I offer practical body-mind practices like qigong, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques that aide in inner freedom and empowered living. Read more about me


What some past clients are saying about my services:


“What’s there not to say. There’s been so much growth and surprisingly healing over the course of working together. It’s more than just a mindset change it’s literally how I feel and I know that’s why my life is moving in ways I’m very excited about. And I have a sort of trust in myself, to handle the hard things well, you know those things that will inevitably come up.” —Wendy Stevenson

“Allyson has both a kind and caring spirit, along with a strength and goodness that affects the way I approach challenges in life. After spending time with her, I feel accepted in my flaws and have been encouraged to find my own clarity and insight toward solutions. The suggestions she offers will shift your perception in a productive way. She is a compassionate, intuitive, and pragmatic guide that will genuinely root for you and what you want out of life.” —Susan Brown

”The things she shares are so practical and she really leaves room for me to make it my own. I share the things with my boyfriend and now we both have ways to release the BS and we’re way happier because of it. Not sure I really knew how to relax like both in my mind and body simultaneously. So grateful I took a chance with Allyson.” — Caroline Daughtey

 “I, myself have always followed Christianity, but recently found myself reaching out for more insight. Allyson has a calming effect and made me feel extremely relaxed, yet focused. I enjoyed the excitement of putting some missing puzzle pieces together, but without nervousness. I’ve shifted my whole mindset on life as is. I was lacking confidence in myself and harboring a lot of grief from the past and our time together took away that weight off of my shoulders. It feels like for the first time, in a very long time - that I can inhale and exhale and just be - even for a moment.” —Cat Kennedy 

“The tarot and Allyson's insights really helped me reframe and gain clarity on a situation in my business where I felt really stuck. It was a way to quickly move to a place of clarity by getting in touch with my inner voice and sense of spirituality, instead of searching outside myself for the answers to my problem. Before the reading, I had some anxious energy about the problem in my business, but now I feel like everything's going to be okay. :)” —Monica Kovach