Mindful Pauses is an accumulation of practices and influences. Essentially all coming together to facilitate healing, growth and freedom.


Mindful Pauses offers services that

  • RELEASE that which you’ve accumulated: stuck emotions, negative self talk, habits that aren’t serving you, all that which blocks you from creating the life you really want

  • CONNECT to your true self, inner voice, intuition, and cultivate the confidence and freedom to be you

  • REVITALIZE your energy, manifestation power, focus and motivation in very practical and helpful ways


Allyson Matz

My Timeline

2009 Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Art at Shepherd University. Thesis: What is the Relationship among Mindfulness, Self-Esteem and Subjective Vitality

2011-2013 Graduate School at Naropa University studied Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy; 60 credits completed 

2011-2016 Accumulated 900 Hours in Body-Mind Training; including: meridian stretches, qigong, movement meditations, ecstatic dance, chakra practices, mindfulness and energy training within a Sundo Tradition (Denver, Boulder, New York, Sedona, South Korea)

2013-2016 Helped started, assisted and eventually managed Chakra Healing Arts Center.  Provided "energy yoga and meditation" classes at the center, in the community and for various corporations. Lead a variety of wellness workshops, young-adult empowerment trainings and private sessions with adults, teenagers and kids. Taught my favorite ecstatic dance and qigong classes.

2016-2019 Individualized self-study via art, yoga, body-mind practices, shamanism, tarot, writing, meditation, working, and traveling. Became certified in Vinyasa Yoga, 200 hours (Through Kindness Yoga in Denver); Launched Mindful Pauses, LLC <3  Currently apprenticing to be a breathwork facilitator. And teaching Qigong, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation classes and workshops in Denver, CO and offering tarot readings in Denver and online.


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