Change the way you relate to anxiety, stress, emotions, and the ups and down of life.

Cultivate a practice of deep relaxation, inner freedom and peace

Tap into your intuition and confidence, shed “shoulds” and live life with more ease



Mindfulness Training

Learn the process of mindfulness and how to utilize it in your everyday life.

Mindfulness (or Loving Awareness) is a practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations as they arise (without judgement). This ability increases your self awareness and will help you better manage your emotions, reactions and impulses and in result give you a sense of physical vitality, inner peace, and strength.

Body-Mind Practices

Integrate easy, assessable body-mind practices into your daily life.

Practice yoga postures, qigong movements, chakra exercises, sound healing, and/or acupressure tapping. Depending on what you need, these practices can help you regulate your nervous system, move stuck energy (like emotions and overall stress) from the body and strengthen your body-mind connection and your ability to practice mindfulness. 

Dynamic Meditations

Develop a meditation practice that works for you.

Dynamic Meditations includes traditional sitting meditation, qigong meditation, guided meditations and walking meditations which all help to relax the nervous system, clear the mind and expand your ability and tolerance to be with what is. Other meditations like  imagery/symbols/metaphors with art making and writing meditation helps with clarity, understanding, and integration. 

         Emotional Health and Stability

         Emotional Health and Stability

Strengthen ability to be with provoking stimuli and uncomfortable situations

Manage emotions like anxiety and frustration with more ease

Increase Self awareness and strengthen your 'mindfulness muscle'


           Regulate Your Nervous System

           Regulate Your Nervous System

Identify the stimuli and triggers that may be contributing to disregulation

Assess and change self talk that may be contributing to stressed out states

Cultivate ways to regulate and soothe your nervous system in everyday life

         Live with Confidence and Purpose

         Live with Confidence and Purpose

Connect to your true Self; increasing your confidence and Self worth

Align with your purpose in ways that make you feel alive and fulfilled

Activate your voice and sense of empowerment

                 Achieve Personal Goals

                 Achieve Personal Goals

Identify the things that are blocking you from taking action or achieving goals

Cultivate habits and self talk that will contribute towards your  success

Identify and adopt 'things' that give you energy, motivation, courage, strength, when you feel doubt or depleted

            Effective Communication Skills 

            Effective Communication Skills 

Develop effective and skillful communication with others 

Create more intentional and desirable outcomes 

Learn to use your energy wisely, increasing your vitality and physical energy

          Cultivate Healthy Relationships 

          Cultivate Healthy Relationships 

Deepen love, kindness and understanding with Self and others

Become clearer about the dynamics of any strained or hard relationships

Cultivate ways to handle tough relationships


Drop-In Sessions

We'll book sessions as you feel is necessary. Each session weaves  mindfulness training, body-mind practices,  and dynamic meditations into your current life situation and you will always leave with clarity and practical things you can do for every day life.

One private session | 70 Minutes | $85

(Introductory Session | 70 Minutes | $60)


16-week Transformation

Is a cocoon of support and accountability. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to create a lifestyle of well-BEING.   Click for more information

My time availability (see below) is in Mountain Time

Introductory Session 70mins, $60

 Online Appointments Available: Mondays 10pm-2pm , Thursdays 8am-8pm , Fridays 1pm-5pm , Sundays 9am-5pm

All you need is a computer with internet access. Payment is taken via square or paypal at the time of your appointment.

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