combat fear and doubt

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Have you ever felt pumped up by a goal, determined and excited right out the gate

but then, in the midst of achieving it..

doubt or fear creeps in….

“Maybe I’m unrealistic. Maybe it is too hard. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I should change my expectations, my goals, my dream”

(I’ve been there too.)

But when we find ourselves in this place, it doesn’t mean we need to change our goal

it means we need to REFUEL and RECHARGE physical energy, willpower, inner strength, confidence and creativity.

In doing so…you can feel refreshed and excited again within the midst of achieving your goal, your dream.

Refuel and rest so you have the energy and creativity to keep going.

With rest and fuel— FEEL doubt and fear dissipate

There’s a misconception that action is the way to achieve your goal. Action without rest creates burnout. Rest for the purpose of achieving your goal helps you refuel and recharge your energy so you can be more effective with your time and energy.

Thus steady action plus effective ways to rest and refuel make dreams a reality.

How can you refuel your Physical energy, courage, inner strength, creativity, and confidence?


VIA your core, gut, second chakra..whatever you want to call it.

  • It’s an area in the body located two inches below your belly button and two inches in. In qigong we call it “lower dantien.”

  • It’s like a battery pack that you can charge or a fuel tank you can fill up.

  • Doubt and fear becomes a signal like a gas light “hey your physical energy, confidence, courage, inner strength, creativity is low. REFUEL”

  • Like how we shower every day to clean our physical body, we have to do something about every day to recharge our *physical energy, confidence, courage, inner strength, creativity*.

Here are 3 ways to refuel your physical energy, inner strength, confidence, courage, and creativity (they’re all connected and stem from your core).

1) Belly Breathing

This is the most accessible way to refuel, because you can do it any where. Often times a scattered mind contributes to feeling tired. Finding a way to center and relax the mind can help you redirect your energy and focus inwards. When you breathe into your belly with intention, “I’m recharging. I’m grounding energy within” belly breathing becomes an effective way to refuel while simultaneously calming down the mind and relaxing the nervous system.


Try it out: Sit comfortably and rest your hand on your belly. Inhale and count to 3, pause and exhale count to 6, pause. And repeat. Then perhaps inhale to a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 8. Eventually let go of counting and relax into the experience of belly breathing. If you’re anxious about time, try setting an alarm for 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Knowing the timer is managing your time, let your breath be your focus as you relax as deeply as you can with each breath. You can actively call each muscle group to relax as you sink more deeply into your being. If your thoughts feel very loud try repeating, “I’m breathing into my belly to refuel my physical energy. I’m breathing into my belly to refuel my inner strength. I’m breathing into my belly to refuel my confidence. etc ”

Experiment with curiosity, and know that with each time you may need to adjust to what feels good and effective in that particular moment.

2) “Legs up the wall” Posture

This pose when held with a relaxed-focus and refueling-intention is a gentle way to bring energy down into your core. The longer you hold the posture, the more energy grounds within and the more you can recharge your second chakra (physical energy, inner strength, confidence). Can try this pose against a wall, against a tree (when you’re outside) and if there’s no surface to lean your legs can even do it without a wall by having them “float” in the air.


Try it out: To get into the pose sit against the wall so that your right hip is touching the wall. Put your hands out behind you and then swing your legs up onto the wall. Shimmy yourself as close to the wall as you can. Keep your legs straight and flex your toes down towards you. Bring your hands to your belly and take belly breaths as you hold this posture for minimally 3-5 minutes. Know you can hold this posture as long as you like. It’s a great way to ground energy and to bring focus inwards as you refuel physical energy within your core.

3) “Sleeping Tiger” Posture

This is the fastest way (and my favorite way) to refuel but it takes effort and a bit of practice especially at first. This particular posture is held in such a way that heat comes down from the heart and grounds into the second chakra while the water in the kidneys evaporates up and cools the mind. This is an energy principle called water up, fire down. It can clear fogginess, tiredness and blah-ness. You can literally feel heat radiating within the belly which can contribute to feelings of groundedness, empowerment, courage, and inner strength. It actively refuels your physical energy by recharging your battery pack (lower dantien, second chakra, core—again whatever you like to call it:) .


Try it out: Lay on your back and take 2-3 belly breaths. Press your lower back into the ground and lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle. Keep about 3-4 inches of space between your knees and ankles. Flex your feet and toes towards you. Rest your hands on your belly and continue with belly breathing. Feel your core muscles activate. Hold for 3-5 minutes and work your way up to 10-15 minutes. With practice and depending on your sensitivity, you will feel heat radiating from your core and eyes may water as tiredness /fogginess/blah-ness melt away. This posture held with intention for 10 minutes has the ability to be more effective than a 30 minute nap. But indeed can be hard at first, feel free to use ottoman to rest under legs if need be, but do so with emphasis on your core.

3) Chi Running

This is the most dynamic way to refuel physical energy. Chi running places the emphasis on the core (second chakra in particular). It can take some practice but indeed becomes an effective way to recharge and refuel. When you run it initially feels really good at first (rather that be for the first 30 seconds or the first 10+ minutes) whatever your threshold is in that moment— something can shift and it can start to feel hard. Often times the thoughts, “this is hard, this is boring, blah I hate this” makes us feel heavy and can affect our ability to run (and enjoy running). Redirecting your mind and energy on the core can help you sustain your endurance and thus reep the benefits that running provides. By redirecting the mind to the second chakra 1) the mind has some where to focus especially when it’s upset and 2) by literally shifting your focus to your second chakra you tap into your source of physical energy and can gain momentum and vitality with each breath and each step.


Try it out: I recommend running as you normally do and if/when you come up against “This is hard. This is boring. Blah I hate this,” rather that be after 30 seconds or after 10+ minutes…while running firmly press pointer finger and middle finger on second chakra (two inches below the belly button) and breath down and into your belly. Keep running and do this for for 30 seconds up to 3 minutes and then remove your hand and keep running with emphasis on abdomen. Can also try pressing two fingers in the middle of your chest (heart chakra) and connect heart to second chakra. And don’t worry to much about doing it right, its merely with intention and focus you can utilize the power of your second chakra to help you run and gather energy within while running.

*When I run I connect my heart (fourth chakra) to my core (second chakra) with my vision or goal and with each step and with each breath I recharge my physical energy and inner strength for that particular goal in mind. My goal gives me energy and I ground that energy within my second chakra (battery pack, fuel tank).


What is a chakra?

  • Chakra is an energy center responsible for certain things.

  • I once had a doctor of medicine tell me that where the chakras are located happen to be where exposed nerve ending bundles are located. Thus it would make sense why those parts of the body are sensitive.

  • As much as it may be considered “woohoo” its possible to increase your sensitivity and utilize the potential that exists in each one.


What is the second chakra?

  • Is the energy center responsible for your physical energy, inner strength, courage, power, creativity, sexual energy, your gut, gusto, the umph you need to manifest goals and to make your dreams a reality.

Why are you emphasizing the second chakra?

  • In the qigong perspective everything stems from your second hakra

  • When your second chakra is open and full more easily you can keep your heart open (4th chakra) and more easily you can follow through with your vision (6th chakra).

    • For example: a loving person may get a little snappy or irritable when they are tired, not because they don’t mean well but because they have depleted their source of physical energy (2nd chakra) Thus the second chakra is an affective way to help keep the other chakras open and balanced.


With everything I offer, try it with curiosity and then make it your own. Make it work for you. And what doesn’t work, let it go.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!