8 Things You can do at home + guided Mindfulness meditation

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Indeed I study, practice and share a variety of methods that I swear by because they are truly helpful,but ultimately I believe it's not the methods that heal, I believe what heals and sustains change is:

1) Awareness and the ability to face what one is experiencing

2) Will to want to heal, grow and change

3) Your personal  compass that helps you align with your  intentions, healing & growth

4) The cultivation of patience, loving-kindness, and trust that supports you along the way




8 Things You Can Do At Home + A Guided Mindfulness Exercise

It's a PDF and Audio File sent best via email that Includes:

4 things you can do to release emotions / thoughts / stagnant energy

4 things you can do to center / ground

Guided Mindfulness Exercise you can replay when needed to help you increase your awareness and realign with your truest intentions.

I strongly believe in empowering you

and sometimes that means working together, but the goal is to always help you be independent by connecting you to your intuition and giving you the skills to sustain in doing so.  I hope this helps and at least is a tool to add to your toolbox!